Premium Incentives

OSC provides significant fulfillment services to the nationwide premium and incentive channel for various programs including Customer Loyalty, Employee Loyalty, Years of Service, Travel Gifts, and Safety Awards. These programs have a wide range of use within many different industries such as banking, hotel/resorts, casino, industrial, transportation, and more. Caesars Entertainment, FedEx, Bayer, UPS, Cargill, American Express, and US Bank are just a few of our valued clientele. We also utilize RepLink services; the central database that showcases available products within the incentive industry.  It is used to create proposals, pull assets, and link to a customer’s internal data feed. As part of our personalized service, we’ll help select the right award or gift according to your goals, demographics, and corporate culture. We can even ship directly to a recipient’s home upon redemption through our fulfillment services. OSC provides inventory management and fulfillment so that you have what you need when you need it.