Nima Bluetooth Speakers

NIMA is the most powerful portable speaker in the world. Licensed by 32 NFL teams, 30 MLB teams and over 60 Universities in the United States, NIMA is the wireless portable Sound System that fills as many parking lots as you want with great-sounding music, movies, and TV. Stream football, baseball, and basketball games live, via Bluetooth up to 65 feet away. Play whatever you’re in the mood for while pairing two helmets to play the same song. Make or receive phone calls through our built-in microphone and talk up your team. Pump up every moment with pounding bass and clean midrange pure sound. Authentic, pure and fun. NIMA (New Innovation Made Audio) is a leap toward Sports and Technology. Genuine, sexy and feels like you’re in the club. NIMA is the world’s best sounding portable speaker, take your team pride and party harder than ever.With NIMA’s small, medium and large Signature Series, NIMA today has the broadest and best-engineered line-up in the company’s history. We know our future customers will have very different expectations from the customer of today. Access to technology, information and convenience will continue to grow in importance. At the same time, we believe that authenticity is at the heart of everything we do. Design, craftsmanship and heritage will continue to define true technology.